The challenge of Gianluca Tassi: Dakar without barriers

A brilliant past in motion, then the fall and paralysis. Now he will be at the Dakar with a Ford Raptor.

Thirty years after the debut of Clay Regazzoni at the then Paris-Dakar, Gianluca Tassi bridges the cultural delay of our country by presenting itself at the start of the most famous and difficult Rally Raid in the world. Next January, the 55 year old Perugino will in fact be the first Italian with disability at the start of a Dakar : Regazzoni, while speaking Italian was instead of Mendrisio, Canton Ticino, and its enterprises were accompanied by the Swiss anthem. Tassi will lead one of the two Ford Raptor T2 set up by the R Team , the expert Tuscan training set up in 1989 by Renato Rickler.