Africa Eco Race, the new challenge by Gian Luca Tassi

Africa Eco Race, this is the new challenge of Gian Luca Tassi. Truer and more adventurous, even if less known than the Dakar that has been running for 10 years in South America, the race will start on December 30th from Montecarlo. Rates will use a fully electric vehicle to complete the challenge.

When in 2009 the Dakar, that entered the legend, decided to move to Argentina, a handful of pilots captained by Hubert Auriol, nicknamed not for nothing the Africain, decided to stay in Africa. Giving life to the Africa Race, on the old route: France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, with arrival on the Rosa Lake, a few kilometers from Dakar. Tassi had already run that race in motion, riding a Cagivone, in 1999, but did not get to the bottom because of a fall in Mauritania, with broken collarbone. Now he wants to try again.