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Gianluca Tassi

I discovered that the willpower has no limits, that you can live and discover the world by looking for your own autonomy; from that day my race has not stopped.

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My story

Gianluca Tassi, born in 1961, was born in Perugia and lives in the hills of Lake Trasimeno. A legend of Umbrian motorcycling, he began racing at the age of 14 in the world of motorcycles, collecting a considerable series of successes over time.

But life is known that sometimes it makes bad jokes; in 2003 Gianluca is in Peru and is traveling thirty kilometers per hour when the wheels of his off-road motorcycle betray him and he remedies a fall with consequent spinal injury at the dorsal vertebrae D4 and D5; thus it loses the use of the legs which, as always happens in these cases, are replaced by two wheels, those of a wheelchair.

During the long period of post-trauma rehabilitation, the character of the sportsman emerges more than ever: as he well knows, in every respectable race, therefore also in this one, which is perhaps the most important of all because it fought against the limits imposed from his new condition, to win we must fight and react positively and promptly to the obstacles present on the track; with this spirit Gianluca immediately began to imagine his own future, which obviously can not be separated from sport and wheels. If in the previous life the wheels were only two, those of his motorcycle, now must be at least four, so you can compete worthily with those of his wheelchair, faithful companion of every day.


Life does not end with disability; the grit and determination allow you to do many things, often even to exceed your limits.



The desire to live, the courage and the passion for engines, have been the lever to overcome the pursuits and achieve the prefixed objectives.

From 2010 to today

From 2010 to today

  • 2017 Participation in the Dakar

  • 2014 Creator, organizer, and route planer of the Rally of Norcia for the Italian Motorcycle Federation.

  • Dal 2013 "Closer". Consultancy, operative and logistics management, route planner, service and accommodation management for the test drives of some of the most important Italian rallies such as the Rally di Roma Capitale valid for the Italian Championship, together with Motorsport Italia and Bmp Progamme Service.

  • 2012 Elected a member of the directorate of the Italian Para-Olympic committee and person in charge of the athletes.

  • 2011 Founder and President of the non-profit organization “UNO DI NOI”, a voluntary organization which supports the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, travelling around Italy, as witness to the fact that courage, willpower and tenacity can overcome disabilities. The NOI X UNO DI NOI and the Evolution Driving School which has automatic vehicles fitted with Guidosimplex auxiliary controls. The volunteers and friends of this organization offer introductory courses, practice and advanced classed to disabled drivers

  • 2010 He cooperates with the Spinal Unit of Perugia General Hospital; with ANGLAT, a Community Transport Association; with Guidosimplex, a leader in the production of auxiliary controls for the disabled; with INAIL, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, and the Prosperius Rehabilitation Clinic for who he has been the “test-man” for a new exoskeleton.

  • 2010 With his Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 TD T2 he came 2° in the Italian Baja and 5° in one of the Tout Terrain European Championship trials with his inseparable navigator Massimiliano Catarsi.

  • 2010 With his Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 TD T2 at the Baja Espana Aragon he was the only Italian driver of 11 teams to complete the competition, navigator: Massimiliano Catarsi.


  • 2009 With his Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 TD T2, he came 1° in the Rally dei Templi in Campania, valid as a leg of the Italian Tout Terrain Championship (the first disabled driver to achieve such a result at an international level) - navigator: Massimiliano Catarsi.

  • 2008 With his Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 TD T2, he came 4° of category and 16° overall at the Italian Baja with his Tuscan navigator Massimiliano Catarsi.

  • from 2008 He cooperates with mobility rehabilitation programmes with several Italian Rehabilitation Centers. Non-profit organization: UNO DI NOI.

  • from 2007 to 2011 Logistics manager, organization supervisor and financial administrator of the Italian Championship Motorally Filos Sport - Lega Moto Uisp (Rally of Montecarlo, Rally of Palinuro, Rally of Crete Senesi and Rally of Sardegna - Sandalion) and the Italian Championship and European Rally Challenge TT Filos Sport - Lega moto Uisp.

  • 2007 He began his career as a driver of the Ralliart Offroad Team Italy, official team of Mitsubishi Italia in the off road sector, participating in competitions of national and International Tout Terrain rallies. At the same time he also obtained his FISAPS driving instructors license and was invited to become a member of the staff at Mitsubishi’s 4x4 Driving School.

  • 2006 With an Isuzu participated for the first time as a 4x4 pilot in the Marocco Rally, came 5° in diesel category and 19° overall. The first paraplegic pilot to make this kind of result.

  • from 2005 to 2006 His company Filos Sport manages the logistics, organization and financial administration of the FMI Italian Motorally Championship and is image consultant for the TT Raid Italian Championships (Rally of Umbria, Rally of Sardinia and Rally of Sicily).

  • 2004 As the founder of Filos Sport he organized the first courses of driving lessons for the Federal Motorally School of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, and together with Touratech organized the Rally of Sardinia.

  • 2003 4th January, during an off road motorcycle trip in Peru, organized by BMW Motorrad Italy, following a trivial fall whilst going slowly, he suffered a spinal injury (d4 and d5 vertebra) which caused him paraplegia.

  • 2002 Came in 1° at the European Raid TT Championship and participated in the Rally of the Pharaohs (he withdrew during the first day of the competition in order to go to the aid of his fellow rider Roberto Benasciutti) 16 Italian titles and 1 European title. A personal record: the only rider to have won the Italian Motorally Championship with motorcycles in every class (from 125cc to 600cc – still an unbeaten record).

  • 2002 Came in 1° in the Prep Class at the European Motorally Championship.

  • 2002 Official Suzuki 400 rider Came in 2° at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 2001 Managed the logistics of the Rally of Pharaohs in Egypt.

  • 2001 Founded Global Filos, Tour Operator specializing in off-road tours and organizer of sporting events, official organizer of BMW motorcycle off road trips with itineraries in Europe, Africa, Central and South America.


  • 1997 With a KTM 620 participated in the Rally of the Pharaohs in Egypt and the Italian Motorally e Raid TT Championship.

  • from 1995 to 1998 From 1995 to 1998 Official rider Husqvarna 125 cc - 400 cc - 600 cc.

  • 1995 Participated in the Rally of Nevada (U.S.A.) with a Honda Dallara as official Honda rider.

  • 1995 Placed 1° Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1994 Participated in the Rally of Nevada (U.S.A.) with a Honda Dallara as official Honda rider.

  • 1994 Placed 1° in the Rally of Sardinia.

  • 1994 With a Yamaha 600 placed 1° in his category.

  • 1993 Placed 1° B2 Class motorcycles at the Italian Raid Marathon Championship.

  • 1993 With a Suzuki DR 350 placed 1° B2 Class motorcycles and placed 1° overall at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1993 al 1995 Competed as a private rider with Team Gabrielli of Bassano del Grappa, as a member of the Italian Motorcycle Federation.

  • 1992 With a Suzuki DR 350 placed 1° B2 Class motorcycles and placed 1° overall at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1992 Placed 1° B4 Class motorcycles at the Italian Raid Marathon Championship.


  • 1989 Participated in the first race of the season of the Italian Motorally Championship but withdrew because he fractured his carpal scaphoid and was unable to participate for the following 2 years. (This was also the year he was divorced from his wife).
  • 1988 Placed 2° at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1988 Placed 2° at the Suzuki Trophy.

  • 1987 Winner of a leg of Rally of Tunisia.

  • 1987 XT Yamaha Challenge and placed 2° at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1986 Placed 1° Yamaha XT Challenge and made his debut at the Italian Motorally Championship.

  • 1983 Placed 10° at the European Endurance Championship, chosen as official Motorally rider for the National team by the Italian Motorcycle Federation.


  • 1978 Placed 1° at the Regional Endurance Championship - FMI.

  • 1978 Placed 1° at the Regional Endurance Championship - FMI.

  • 1977 Debut at 16 years of age at the National Endurance Championship - FMI – Placed 1°.

  • 1977 Placed 1° at the Regional Endurance Championship - FMI.

  • 1976 Placed 1° at the Regional Endurance Championship - FMI.

  • 1975 Debut at 14 years of age at the Regional Endurance Championship - FMI – Placed 1°.

  • 197110 years old and rides his first Beta four-stroke motorcycle.

  • 1969 8 years old and climbs on a Chiorda motorcycle for the very first time.

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